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How to style your console table like a pro.

How to style your console table like a pro.

It can be difficult to pick how you want to express your interior style. I'm no expert but, I have always enjoyed how you can step into a person's house that is decorated with their own personal style and, still feel at home. There are so many ways you can style your home the possibilities are endless. I was hoping to share just a few tips to help you style your console table like a pro.

From using color pallets to play with to furniture flow to help tell your style with the pieces in your home. Seasons are one of my favorite themes to fall back on if your running out of fresh ideas. Using the little holidays can be challenging but, can be just as fun as the big ones. If you want a little help finding quirky holidays to incorporate google calendar can provide some insight out of the mundane. Console tables can be a great way to begin a theme ,for your guests just entering your home.

I like to start out with the "sheet I forgot about that method". I start out by laying out all my old pieces that I like to keep and, then I lay them out on a sheet or blanket on a carpet wherever I can find room to see it all or most of it. Sometimes I find pieces I completely forgot they were in storage and think that would go perfectly with this today. Fresh floral, fruit, and veggie arrangements have always been a great way to use colors and height changes.

You can use interactive elements to draw guests in to play with things like a sand garden or a glitter garden. If you have a glass top you working on then you should be able to see through it somewhere . Dress up your furniture don't cover it up.
Seasons can help guide you but, shouldn't override your own style. Whatever your style is modern, farmhouse, scandinavian it should shine through not cover your design choices. You don't always have to spend a lot of money to hire someone or buy the most expensive items to express your style.

It is nice to have couple new pieces to rotate in and out that are not seasonal. You will have to make interesting decisions some will work some won't so remember to step back once in a while and, breathe it in from a fresh perspective. Don't be afraid to experiment just moving one or two things around can change the look drastically.  Setting items up in groups of three helps with a symmetrical look I don't know why it even can give you a nice stair stepper look going from smallest to largest or vice versa. If you have a pony wall or something like that try not to place things to high on that wall.

Different types of plants lend themselves better to different places in your home. Try to choose a place that has enough light to keep your plant alive or rotate your plants in or out if necessary. Color, size, and type of planter/pot is important in respect to your console table design. You definitely don't want them leaking so make sure they don't have holes or you can use a second or more decorative pot. It is rare to find any style that does not flourish from some type of plant.
Sometimes I will stack books on a table to increase the height of a small nik nak not so much to separate it but, to give each it's own space.

I prefer older books because of their look although I would not stack them any higher than three. Plants are a great way to add pops of color especially if you decide to display the base. Ferns and vine like plants can help tie in the transition from the floor to climb the legs of the console table.

Artwork is a great way to display your style and, should not be covering or be covered by any other furniture to avoid the cluttered look. Pictures and wall art are best observed at about four and a half feet. Only a little higher or lower though unless you have a large display wall.
There are great places all around to find inspirational pieces to buy garage sales and boutique stores are wonderful if your watching your budget. They are always one of my top places to find quality pieces that always strike up great conversation with guests. Patterns should be varied but, not to contrasting when using brighter colors. There are lots of ways to break up the tones between the floor and the console table. Decorative storage trays/baskets are a great way to change up a pattern and, make a great place to keep things if you have a lot of loose items that also get placed on the table. Other shelves and, mini decorative stools are a great way to accomplish breaking up transitions between the floor as well.

Balance of the space as a whole or in part is important. You want the pieces in an area to be somewhat connected by color, size, or shape. Using the same color pallet throughout your home helps tie rooms together. Remember to use height variation to keep your style from becoming flat. Shapes can be a bit tricky for me. Sometimes you can use the same size piece sometimes two contrasting abstract shapes can go really well together.

Don't be rigid every once in a while it is nice to change the focal point of your piece. If needed breaking up textures can be another great way to create balance and tie a room together. Pay attention to the proportions of anything placed on a console table not even plants should be bigger than the table. Lighting can be easily overlooked thinking that it will get enough light. When layered, lighting gives a better look for console tables due to the usual location in halls and entry ways.

Well I hope I have given you some good tips to help you style your console table like a pro. Keep checking back if you like reading what I'm writing I will be writing some more on console tables for a little while just cause I feel they get passed by too often. I didn't mention certain dollar stores here just because I think if your going to style like a pro spending a little extra might be worth it.