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Console table ideas and diys you will fall for.

Console table ideas and diys you will fall for.

     There are so many ways to style your console table it can be hard sometimes to narrow it down to one article. There are just so many neat ones going around. I always love to see a persons style in their home expressing their tastes. One of the first bit of décor you see are mirrors and console tables as you walk through doorways. These ideas are just a few that I think are very versatile in just about any setting. 

     Jute string rings are very versatile when it comes to décor. They can be used as wall art to be used to direct the story of your style to the next piece and add some circular shapes to your design. You can just use some wire to attach florals, signs, decals, and just about anything colorful.  You can also combine multiple rings together to create a sphere shape.

     Styrofoam  pumpkins and squashes fake fruit can is being used in new ways such as stuffing them with flowers all over to create a natural look. It is a classic that you can twist by adding a striking color or stacking them in interesting ways.

     Using beads stretched out winding across the piece or scattered about to create a different look are classic as well. You can mix up the colors, shapes, and sizes if your going for a more playful look. Even use them to spell out a word or phrase. Another way of using beads are to put them inside glass jars or vessels of some kind. Then using some ribbon to wraparound somehow. Nifty trick is to mix food color and glue to dab onto the surface of whatever you decide to choose vessel if you want to give your piece a colored hue effect for ambiance. 

      Lanterns and I'm not just talking about the paper ones I mean the older campsite ones, retro, or vintage ones are all great even if you don't use them for lighting. You can play with the shadows by cutting or painting silhouettes on them to create some really neat effects. 

     Serving trays are easy to change out and switch the design quickly. I prefer to use wider ribbons for trays especially on fall designs as there are usually a good amount of décor at this time and lends well for pops of color. Depending on the methods used in painting /distressing you can achieve a number of styles. Dabbing, dry brushing, sanding, edging, and using stencils are very useful in creating one of a kind designs. Sometimes just a small piece of decorative paper is enough to make a setting more memorable.  

     Picture frames can be turned into something unique with a collage of small personal pictures placed inside to display family add a decorative flower or a cute boarder to mix in some style.  You can get creative and stretch some fabric across it Maybe even put a chalkboard in there for a vintage look. Give it a more modern look by inserting a mirror. You can even add decals with different patterns and if you choose to be a bit more 3-dimensional you could cut out some foamboard letters and see how it looks after you paint it you might be surprised. 

     I have seen some really awesome designs using old birdcages and baskets. The wire and weaving really lends itself to color and make a great canvas for photos. If it is metal use magnets if it is not use a clothespin.

     Cutting boards are one way I have seen being used a lot lately for décor. Super simple diy can be made by taking your cutting board and gluing some gold leaf designs to it. Really shiny way of bringing in some style. Maybe even wrapping some jute twine around the handle. Adding a clothespin for a picture can make it really easy to swap out photos. Even a simple bit of herbs tied to it looks fantastic. 

     Candle holders have always been a home décor staple since style was invented. There is no more regal way to include style some lighting to your décor. They have been used in many different ways over the years. Changing many aspects such as color and shape of the holder to the size and shape of the candle is not as modern as most would think.  Lighting really helps to display pieces and bring them together throughout your home. 

     Well I'm just about out of words today ,but I wanted to, leave you with just one more diy. This one is a table top scrabble piece just take an old scrabble holder and paint it add some florals. You would be surprised at how neat this one is especially when the family starts making up words. You keep coming back for more I'll keep putting out style décor and diys for ya.