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Amazing things you can do to style your console table with fall decor

Amazing things you can do to style your console table with fall decor


There are a lot of things about the fall season that i have always enjoyed.the smells are always the first to come back, pumpkin pie hot coco the refreshing brisk feeling of a crisp breeze letting you know that time of year is approaching. although one of my favorite things is the decorations, i have very fond memories of watching tim the toolman taylor light up his house for the holidays or martha stewart bringing the heart and joy inside with the centerpieces that were so warm and inviting letting us know the heart is and where to keep the sweet stuff of good holiday memories. the best memories I have start with me going in to my grandmas house and seeing all the interesting decor. she was a real genius when it came to decorating, and I think it would be nice to share some of those tips with you.


1. Command Strips

They are an easy way to add some style to any console table, especially if you want a no damage solution .they will stick to most wood, ceramic, and metal surface. they hide well behind most objects being transparent you can use them to hang things on the legs to keep them in their perfect place without tacking in place or tying anything also they work very well if you have an older piece that doesn't sit well you can use just the glue to keep it from becoming the dreaded "thing that got broke last year"i don't mind losing the cheap disposable items to mishaps but i'd rather not lose something that's been in the family a long time.

2. Homemade Glue

This can be used if you prefer using naturals on your furniture it is non-toxic can be used around kids, heck it can even be a science/mommy time project made by the kids. they can be infused with natural spices and the like to deter pests if your concerned, but i have been using a homemade flour and water mix for years. with no problems from pests using the small amount needed to adhere things .they are usually cleaned up with warm water and are a non damage temporary glue, i wouldn't expect them to hold any actual weight just as much as a small piece of tape.you can even add colors to help them blend and match what you are sticking if necessary.

3. Accept Inspiration from any source.

Nature is a great source for fall decorations. all the colors changing making new ones, the sounds of the trees swaying in the wind. take trips with the kids and go out on a family walk down to the park. look at the rocks, leaves, pine cones, take some time to appreciate natures beauty. now, i'm not saying bring home everything you find, but one or two small natural pieces can really make it seem like the entire piece is real. almost like, even though you are inside, it feels as if fall has somehow been brought with you. always remember to soak and wash them before you set them in place, make sure you are not bringing guests home inside the pine cones.

4. Dollar Stores And Garage Sales

They can be great for seasonal decorations. i realize that most of us already know this, but what i want you to think about is the value of trying to hold onto these decoration items. the hassle of taking them out, putting them up, then taking them down, then putting them away again. don't you think it would be better to let them be given to donations for those who don't have.then to wait in a box till next year when you look to find them realize you forgot where think you lost them and then decide they were a dollar and can throw them out anyway. i know the ones you get from garage sales may be nifty and may be worth keeping, use your own judgement to make that choice.

5. Yarn And Fabrics

They are an amazing media to use with techniques like rope wraps to bow ties and webbing to help your piece tell a story. using different colors helps to add pops for the eyes to revitalize things, making your piece feel new again. changing colors with any dull or used already design is a great way to recycle your reusable items. fraying the edges of a rope wrap can help add age and help to make items look worn without damage to the table. don't clutter the area just as much on the table as your other furniture around your piece. an old rug or abstract artwork right behind your piece might draw more attention to it. too much does not say full and happy, it just says i threw this together last minute.

6. Incense

Help bring memories back for a lot of people. everybody enjoys different scents, some more savory, some more sweet, some just love the smell of home. it will always be a great courtesy to your guests to put smell goods around. try not to put them on or in your display unless it is a piece worthy of the season. the story you're trying to tell will give you an idea of the smell you would like to have around.to some, the scent of vanilla is good for peacefulness. others might say the smell of cinnamon is exciting. allow your center piece get noticed if not by the eye at first use other senses to draw the attention.beware clashing scents and allergies, in my opinion when baking cookies there is no need for any other smells.

7. Wrapping paper

To dress up old cardboard boxes, baskets, buckets, and bottles. they make great little holes to put nik naks in for a more inquisitive look. leaving room between piece settings gives time for guests to think and be involved about what comes next. cardboard boxes can be used to cut out silhouettes of animals, people, and even city skylines to help give smaller settings a more grand feel.you can use cardboard to make 3-d shapes like fruit, veggies, or even a santa's sliegh.wrapping paper helps the story as well cutting out shapes or laying it down as jack frosts wonderland. a classic boxes wrapped and stacked can give a layered appearance. remember don't hide the furniture you bought and let your centerpiece show off what you want it to.

8. Battery Powered Lights   

Tea lights, flashlights, mason jars sprayed with water, then tissue paper pressed to the sides gives a wonderful colored light. electronic lights can be tucked behind photos to produce a gentle backlight. glitter can be used to accent, but should not be covering a centerpiece. glow sticks can give some much-needed light or ambiance in some spaces, as long as it doesn't look like a scene from tron. you can make a paper box or cut a hole in the cardboard for a place to tuck a light away. real candles are to be used with caution, although they add a certain amount of class and tradition to any centerpiece story .pay attention to shape, size, and shadow when placing. you don't want a nice accent piece to be placed in darkness.
well, I hope this can help you put a little sense to your home decor plans and gave you some amazing ideas this fall season. maybe some of these tips will help get your decorating done quicker and help your settings get noticed. going to be posting some more soon.