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20 amazing diy side table decorating ideas for indoors and outdoors

20 amazing diy side table decorating ideas for indoors and outdoors

     I usually start off by saying I'm no expert but, for not being an expert I sure do have a good amount of things to say on the subject. That said I keep my eyes peeled for inspiration wherever whenever it strikes  me. It always amazes me to walk upon something to see the beauty of art and creativity expressed through another persons style. I've always enjoyed diy projects in whatever form. Today I just wanted to share a bunch of amazing diy side table decorating ideas for indoors and outdoors. 

     Solar lights are a great thing to add to any outdoor side table top. Also they are very handy to have in the drawer if you keep grilling items in them. 

     Buckets are fabulous diy projects for those creative people looking to use them. one way to use them is to turn them into wishing well/floral planter.

     Copper pots have a great color tone for outdoors especially when weathered  it becomes oxidized. You can use a mix of lemon juice and salt to help direct the process and create really interesting designs if you choose to.

     Pallet wood recycling can be used to create a mini tabletop version or a rolling larger version of a flower bed/planter. A good mix of colors will really make your designs memorable to your guests. 

     Cement or plaster casts of crazy shapes are an amazing diy project that the kids can help with. Hands holding or peace signs are just a few ideas.

     I love using nature in my designs. Pulling sticks, leaves, pine cones, or a rock that looks like a friend are a great conversation piece.

     Using metal wire to create a skeleton of a tree or any other form is a great way to play with shapes. Super easy to bend to the desired shape add some clay and paint it.

     You can use acrylic sheets rolled and secured then a light placed inside. Then get creative and add silhouettes to create unique designs.

     Wallpaper is a nice way to change the look of a piece. If you don't want to stick it directly to the furniture all you need to do is cut out a desired shape to use a a sort of placemat. 

     Dollar store inspirational words or decals are a simple way of adding some creative designs to your décor. One idea is to cut out a shape of cardboard place the decal add a border and just place on your side table.

     Cricut machines are so nifty for anything printing or etching related. They are awesome  for creating personalized decals or sayings. Those machines can do a lot more that I will not get into right now. 

     Rope wrapping is amazing you can color it to match most color schemes. Ropes can be dipped into glue if you choose to make it more rigid. It can be used to wrap all sorts of items like buckets, bottles, or bowls to start.

     Using beads can help to crate winding forms in your design as well as height variances .I have seen some interesting designs of them being used with a lot of colors and coiled to create a unique pattern.

     Serving bowls/Trays are very versatile when it comes to decorating a table top. A lot can be put in them and they can be removed super quick.


     Using PVC painted bronze or other colors really add a creative touch at a very inexpensive price. Placed in geometric patterns can really be something to look at.

     Recycled furniture does not mean just barstools and large pieces. Smaller items like jewelry boxes or old luggage even old birdcages painted and adorned with pictures can bring a nice antique vibe to a space.

     Old tires are a great way to repurpose. I am not a fan of using them indoors but, placed outside with a nice rope wrapping or waterproof fabric can give nice retro look.

     Pizza trays can be secured to a wooden dowel painted can be made to look really glam. Stacking multiple gives nice height variance  design.

     Old lamps can have clothes pins attached to the shade for a great way to display family pictures. Tissue paper can be added as well to give a nice shade of color to the room.

     Jars and glasses can be decorated inside with pictures or colored cutouts to be made to look like a snow globe. Alternatively you can leave it dry to create sand art inside.

     Resin art is an awesome way to put some really nifty designs together. They are super easy to make  they usually have two chemicals to mix together then pour into your mold add glitter old painted flowers food coloring really let your mind wander about the possibilities.

     Well I think that's about all I have for you today I hope I have given you some nifty stuff to try out and get your diy on .Have fun decorating.