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12 Best console decorating ideas for 2021

12 Best console decorating ideas for 2021

     I'm no expert but, I have seen some amazing ideas people used to decorate their homes this year. I really just wanted to share some of these with you and, I couldn't choose them all so I've narrowed down the best console decorating ideas for 2021. I've seen styles making a comeback like grand millennial  really helping to capture that 80s feel with some sweet cozy textures. Contrasting that I have come across some really inspiring modern designs playing with angles and the natural curves of the wood. 

1.Lighting plays with light and shadow in such a way that it can really make the difference in how a décor is received by your guests. One really cool way of using string lights are to wrap them around the back of a mirror. For a touch of ambiance try stuffing some colored tissue paper around your lights. Try incorporating the use of neutral colors to help accent the shadows of a dark hallway. 

2. Recycling old bottles is a great way to put in  a different style twist to your décor. You can use food coloring mixed with Elmer's glue to create a neat hue. You can turn them sideways and, put little trinkets inside for a closer inspection by guests. Add a fairy tale look by putting led lights inside.

3.Using etching cream to add some interesting designs to glassware. Placing tape wherever you don't want to etch it is surprisingly easy. Adding lights and stones or tissue paper to the inside with just bit of water can really bring out the etching. 

4. Using old mason jars with nuts of any kind are a great way to help your décor feel antique  without the price of an antique. Inside the jar they bring a bit of natural color and just scattered loosely on the area can really add some depth.

5.Books are a classic design choice. You can customize with book sleeves to match your current design. They can be used for color pops or work very well to create a height change for the eye. 

6. Twisted candles are really coming out a lot lately. They are super easy and add a whimsy look to your light arrangement. Simply place in a Ziploc bag dip in boiling water carefully remove when pliable shape them to your desired curves.

7. Using wire  bent into the shape of trees creatures skylines are absolutely amazing to break up the normal figures of the usual décor. Adding fabric clay or foam balls are just the tip of how you can use this idea to really create something eye catching.

8. Wooden geometric designs can be placed on the wall or in your actual piece to create some very a-cute angles lol. Easy way to use chopsticks/popsicle sticks to create squares triangles or any shape you desire. Just glue them together and paint.

9. Mirrors have been popping up a lot as well. I have seen just beautiful borders on the edges some diy some not. I have seen some flowers spray painted and glued to them for a gilded look that was quite astonishing.   

10. Antique restoration always brings in style if done right. A neat idea is to take a lamp shade and add those tiny clothespins to it for a nice way to display family photos. Although sometimes the best antiques are best left in their natural state. 

11. Clay  or paper plaster sculptures are a very easy diy that the kids can do as well. Super cheap to buy or make the clay/plaster itself. They will always bring a personal touch if handmade. Super easy to change color through the seasons or design changes. Another way of using clay is to make small picture stands. Then they can be molded into shapes and then take some dental floss and draw it through the center to create a deep slice. Let it dry and paint your desired color.

12.Baskets or old luggage boxes can be used in a variety of ways. They are great for hidden storage that is also pleasing to the eye. They can be wrapped/draped in rope or fabrics to create a different style. They add an antique quality without looking posh.

bonus 13. I have been saving what I think is the best way to add personalized style to your décor .Resin art is a very versatile style addition that is why I like it for my bonus. You can make them in just about any shape. They are super cheap to customize with all sorts of things from flowers, sticks, toys, pictures, letters, sand and, colors to start. Simple to make they usually come in a two part mix just mix it up  place desired color or items in the mix or pour it over the top into the mold and let it set.