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10 DIY furniture and décor projects for your home beautification.

10 DIY furniture and décor projects for your home beautification.

     As many of my readers know I've always enjoyed design and diy from a perspective of all the little things that a person can do to really have your house/décor tell a story to your guests not just any story your story. I guess that's why today I would like to share with you my 10 diy furniture and décor projects for your home beautification.

     Lighted lanterns are a great at providing a little light and ambiance to any setting. However subtle it may seem you really can do so much with a simple paper lantern. There are lots of design changes you can make from drawing outlines adding popsicle sticks for geometric shapes to using tissue paper to change the color of the light you want to use.

     Geometric shapes can be a really fun diy piece to hang as wall art or to just place in a setting to catch the eye or break up shapes. A simple diy can be constructed using wooden dowels cut at different lengths. Then glued in place around a central shape (does not have to be a circle)to create a sun raize look just add paint maybe even a small piece of jewelry. Just something to give it a personal style touch.

     Cement or plaster shapes can be customized to your own unique style choices. Usually many kinds can be purchased inexpensively and super easy to get creative with it. Try to think out of the box by adding personal items or flowers. You would be surprised how something little can make a big difference.

     Mini wooden crates are a super easy diy that fit perfectly in most table settings. Very simple to buy a bunch of paint stir sticks. Then cut them to fit the size of your piece and hot glue them together. Sand them down add a splash of paint and maybe a couple of flowers.

     Foam shapes can be easily made from a block of Styrofoam. All you need to do is glue a bunch of sheets or scraps together cut to the shape you desire. Its okay if you get a bumpy texture it can be smoothed out using wood filler later. You can also use a mix of baking soda and super glue to create windows if your doing a building or something.

      Old luggage can help you achieve that classic vintage look. They are super easy to add a personal touch to by putting up a net with hot glue on the inside of the lid if you want to display family pictures. A simple diy you are going to love is to stack them on top of each other and you can play with the shapes by putting one on the side and using some glue to hold it there. They are always my go to for secret storage as well adding. Stickers can be made or bought from the store if you need a little more nuance.

     Picture frames are so easy to match to your style or color scheme. A very simple diy using paint stir sticks cut at a 45% angle and glued together. Traditionally a nice picture goes inside but, not today your crafty. Add your own spin by stretching some colorful fabric over it glue it in place. You could even put some embroidery on it or even a decal with some flowers. Super trendy to put some pictures on for a personal touch.

     A welcome board or a note board can be easily styled by adding a boarder or some flowers. A nifty trick you can use to make it 3-deminsional is cut some shapes out of foam board and place around the edges. Its always nice to have a place where you can display inspirational messages too.  

     Rope wrapped baskets are very easy to make as they are amazing tucked away storage  spots. Using the right methods they can matched with a number of styles. Using any bucket and lid from your most recent garage sale will do. I usually start wrapping in the middle/bottom and spiral outward gluing it as I go to give it shape. You can easily change the color by dyeing it with food coloring.

      Pizza trays are all over the place right now. I've some very interesting designs people have used to create little side tables.  With a simple diy to boot all you need is a length of dowel rod. The thicker the more stable it will be so easy to just cut some different length. Then to glue them together with the pizza trays in the center of it. Style it by putting some flowers or beads and things on it paint it and call it sweet.

      As always I hope to have given you some ideas to help your beautification/inspiration go smoothly. I will be back with some more design /diy ideas shortly.